About our Perfume Oils


Our Designer Perfume Oils are of the highest quality oil and are highly concentrated. We offer over 1200 Designer Type Perfume Oils for men and women that smell like the original name brand perfume at a fraction of the cost .The designer brand perfumes are comprised of concentrated oils and 75% to 85% alcohol, ethanol and or water. Alcohol and ethanol make your perfume smell much stronger than it really is and it fades within a few hours. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE BRAND NAME, A FANCY BOTTLE AND ALCOHOL. As we all know, alcohol is a drying agent and as your perfume evaporates, it not only takes your fragrance but your natural oils with it, drying your skin as it goes. Our Perfume Oils contain absolutely NO alcohol, ethanol or water. They are pure, concentrated perfume oils giving your skin a softer, smoother feeling. Our Perfume Fragrance Oils keep their fragrance for years and last in the bottle much longer than brand name perfumes. There are no fillers or alcohol to spoil or evaporate. Many people who have allergies and sinus problems have found they are allergic to the alcohol and ethanol. They can wear our ALCOHOL FREE Designer Fragrance Oils with little or no reaction. Some perfume manufacturers use ethyl alcohol, which is poison to some skin types. Our Designer Perfume Oils are highly concentrated and should not be worn on your clothing.

Some of our customers have suggested these uses:

  • Put a few drops of our oils into a container of water and place on the stove.
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and vacuum it up and it makes your house smell like your favorite fragrance.
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in an open container in your bathroom or closet.
  • Add to your favorite lotion.
  • Put a few drops into your candle wax while it is burning.
  • Put it in a light bulb ring.
  • A few drops in your bath water.
  • A few drops on a cotton ball and into your dryer and your linens, bedding and clothing will have your special fragrance.
  • A few cotton balls in your dresser.
  • A few drops on your ceiling fan to freshen up your home.

Our Perfume Oils come in a variety of styles and sizes. Easy roll on applicators to carry in your purse, a ONE ounce and TWO ounce dab on, and our FOUR, EIGHT AND SIXTEEN ounce bottles come with a pour top spout to refill your FREE ROLL ON BOTTLE


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