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We carry all of the Designer Fragrance Oils listed below and are constantly adding and updating new fragrances. If you do not see a fragrance listed that we carry, we will try to get it for you.

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Cool Water Type (Davidoff)for Men

Crave Type (Calvin Klein)for Men

Creed Type for Men

Curve Chill Type for Men

Curve Crush Type (Liz Claiborne) for men

Curve Kicks (Liz Claiborne) Type for Men

Curve Type (Liz Claiborne)for Men

D &G The One Sports Type for Men

Desire (Dunhill)Type for Men

Desire Blue Type(Dunhill) for Men

Diesel Type for Men

Dior Homme Type for men

DK Type for Men

DKNY 2000 Type(Donna Karan) for Men

Dolce & Gabbana Intenso Type for Men

Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Type for Men

Dolce Gabbana Type for Men

Drakkar Noir Type(Guy Laroche)for Men

Driven (Jeter) Type for Men

Dunhill Type for Men

Echo Type (Davidoff) for Men

Ed Hardy Type(Christian Audigier) for Men

Eddie Bauer Type for Men

Egyptian Musk Type for Unisex

Egyptian Red Musk for Unisex

Egyptian Sandalwood Type for Unisex

Elegance (Lacoste) Type for Men

Emporio Type(Armani) for Men

Energize (Hugo Boss) Type for Men

Envy (Gucci) Type for Men

Eros (Versace) Type for Men

Escape Type (Calvin Klein)for Men

Essence (Porche) Type for Men

Essential (Lacoste)Type for Men

Eternity Type (Calvin Klein)for Men

Euphoria(C. Klein) Type for Men

Ezra Fitch Type for Men

Fahrenheit Type for Men

Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch) Type for Men

Fleur De Male (JPG) Type for Men

Frankincense Type for Unisex

Fuel for Life (Diesel)Type for Men

Fuel for Life (Diesel)Type for Men

Gentlemen (Dolce & Gabbana) Type for Men

Gentlemen Only (Givenchy)Type for Men

Gio Type for Unisex

Giorgio 273 Type (Giorgio Beverly Hills) for Men

Giorgio Type for Men

Givenchy Type for Men

Gravity (Coty)Type for men

Green Irish Tweed (Creed) Type for Men

Grey Flannel Type for Men

Grey Vetiver Type (Tom Ford) for Men

Gucci Sports Type for men

Gucci Type for men

Guess Type for Men

Guilty (Gucci)Type for men

Guilty Black (Gucci) Type for Men

Guilty Intense (Gucci) Type for men

Guilty Peasures Type for unisex

Halston Z14 Type for Men

Happy Type (Clinique) for Men

Havana Type(Aramis) for Men

Higher Type(Dior) for Men

Hugo Blue Type (Hugo Boss)for Men

Hugo Boss Type for Men

Hugo Intense (Hugo Boss)Type for Men

Hugo Type (Hugo Boss)for Men

Hummer (Riviera) Type for Men

Hypnose (Lancome) Type for Men

I Am King Type (Sean John) for Men

Ice Man (Thierry Mugler) Type for Men

Iceberg Type for Men

Indian Musk Type for Unisex

Instinct (Beckham)Type for Men

Instinct (Beckham)Type for Men

Insurrection (Reyane)Type for Men

Intimately (David Beckham)Type for men

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Our Designer Perfume Oils are called "TYPES" because the brand names are the exclusive property of their original manufacturer and are registered trademark names. We are not connected with the brand name in any way.

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